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San Onofre, California, 1950
Loomis Dean
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It’s not often you see comics by Guido Crepax on second-hand bookstores, so I grabbed it. Original title: Valentina Con Gli Stivali.
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Alcea Nigra aka “black holly hock.” There is something so majestic about the darkness of this black variety. They are such a statement in the garden. As more blossom, I just might have to post another pic.
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#ootd en maillot de bain donc (cette nouvelle tête me donne une confiance de dingue, je suis à deux doigts de me promener en slip)
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Amber Valletta by Craig McDean
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Gallery: 65 Street-Style Shots From Paris Haute Couture - Couture is always off the hook, but so is the stylespotting outside the shows
Check out the gallery at http://www.flare.com/fashion/street-style-paris-haute-couture/ to gather some fashion inspo!
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gosha rubchinskiy ss15 backstage
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Hanneli Mustaparta for Calvin Klein
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